You have the right to bear arms and defend your family. Our concealed carry permit classes will give you the necessary knowledge of State laws to carry concealed weapons in Florida and basic fundamentals of how to operate, maintain and store firearms. Our trainers are NRA certified and recognized by the State of Florida to conduct firearm training classes and to issue a certificate that will be accepted by the Florida Department of Agriculture for licensure.


In this course you will become knowledgeable of:

The State of Florida concealed carry laws

Acceptable Self-Defense inside and outside the home

Basic pistol fundamentals of how to handle, maintain and store firearms safely

Firearm types and best application

Safe / Gun Free Zones

Red Flag Laws

Castle Doctrine

Stand Your Ground

How to Carry Concealed

Mental Preparation


After classroom instruction, students will then show firearm handling proficiency on a live firing range. Students will learn how to safely, handle, hold, fire and unload a firearm. A pistol will be used during this session. After the student has demonstrated knowledge of Florida state laws and the safe handling of firearms, a certificate will be awarded which can be submitted with your application to the Florida Department of Agriculture for licensure. 


Course Cost

The cost of the concealed carry class is $100. This cost covers classroom instruction, supplied hearing and eye protection, paper target, firearm rental and ammunition and printed learning materials.